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Förbundskapten B.D. Kennedy informerar

07 JUL 2020 14:00
Förbundskaptenen för seniorlandslaget herrar informerar om planeringen inför hösten 2020.
  • Uppdaterad: 06 JUL 2020 17:31

With the European Championships being moved to the fall of 2021 I would like to present the following plan for the HLL for the fall of 2020:

  • There will be no camp during the weekend of August 15. This decision is based on the fact that I do not think it best to bring in players from all over Sweden to one spot for a weekend camp, then send them back to their cities to start the year. This decision I took based on the fact that I feel the increased risk of possible exposure to the covid-19 virus along with an unnecessary risk for injury a week prior to the season starting. 

  • In order to search for new players to fill the roster for the EM’s, I would like for any interested player to send his information directly to me.
    Please include the following:

    • Full Name 

    • Phone and email information

    • Age

    • Club

    • Position

    • Years experience playing (please include all clubs, teams in and outside Sweden)

    • If possible, please include any links to game films that you may have.

    • Send all this information directly to This is a mailto link 

  • For Finnkampen, the plan will be to build a roster of players the coaching staff would like to see in the game. The ultimate goal is to build a roster that can continue our quest to win the European Championships in 2021.

Finally, any coaches or players who have any questions for me regarding the plan, please feel free to reach out at the above email. 

I wish you all the best in the upcoming season! Play hard, stay safe.

Heja Sverige,
B.D. Kennedy
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